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What is Scratch Attack - The CAAC Road Race Series?

Scratch Attack - The CAAC Road Race Series, is a Spring to Autumn group of selected Road Races over which CAAC athletes will compete. The Series has been devised and is organised by the CAAC Competition Committee. Whilst the Series aims to nuture and fan everyones compeitive spirit the additional factor of getting together as a group and taking on a Road Race en massé definately appeals. Don&;t be concerned if your not elite either, the event has been masterfully organised so that self improvement will see you fly up the standings. So don&;t delay sign up today.

Moray Anderson penned a superb welcome and rounded explanation of the series, in February 2008&;s issue of the CAAC ATTACK.

"This spring will see the introduction of an exciting new competition open to CAAC members who enjoy racing on the roads. The CAAC Road Race Series 2008 – Scratch Attack will see athletes battle it out for the title of Road Race Series Champion and using a unique scoring system athletes of all standards and ages (U20 upwards) have a chance to win. Full details follow but the basic idea is that there are a number of selected events where points can be gained. Extra points are awarded for season bests or age group personal bests and for attaining a target time set by the handicapper general. Enter more of the selected races and you’ll have more opportunity to score points, improve throughout the season and you’ll fare even better! This year’s races have been chosen by the organisers largely from local races or races of particular merit however if your favourite race is not featured you can nominate it for next year."

Details of this year’s event. For further details on the series or an entry form (also attached), contact the organiserMoray Anderson.


1.  Athletes will gain points for each of the CAAC Road Series events they contest. 1 point for each apart from the handicaps where 2 points will be awarded.
2.  Upon entry with the CAAC Road Series (CRS or Scratch Attackorganiser the office of the handicapper general will allocate two time standards for each distance which will be required to gain your gold and silver target bonus’.  1 point shall be awarded for each of these targets except at the handicaps where it will be 2 points.
3.  The Gold bonus is largely based around an athlete’s age group pb. Where an athlete does not have a pb over a particular distance the office of the handicapper general will calculate an appropriate target time.
4.  The organiser will award 1 point for each season best recorded in the series. This will not take non CRS events into account therefore the first attempt at each distance will result in a season best. Further attempts within the CRS at a particular distance may or may not result in a season best.
5.  An age group pb will be regarded as an athlete’s best time recorded for a distance whilst they have been in their current age group. This is to enable our more mature athletes to have a better chance of scoring a Gold target bonus. Athletes will be responsible for notifying the organiser of such pb’s upon entering the series. These can largely be verified using the Power of CAAC database. The age groups covered will be M/F 40, M/F 45, M/F 50, M/F 55 & M/F 60+. Note that M/F 35 will NOT be regarded as a masters age group because it simply isn’t! An athlete’s age group will be taken from their age at the start of the series.**
6.  Note that upon recording a new pb (in a CRS event) the office of the handicapper general shall calculate new target times for that distance.
7.  The Meadows bonus of four points shall be awarded to anyone who completes a Self transcendence full house comprising of either one race of each distance (1mile, 2mile & 5km) or three races of one distance. There are numerous Self Transcendence races throughout the season giving all entrants a good opportunity to gain theMeadows bonus.
8.  A Well travelled bonus of 2 points shall be awarded to anyone who competes outside the mainland of Great Britain in a recognised road race. E.g. Isle of Man, Little Rock Arkansas, Vladivostok, Tierra del Fuego etc. Please notify the organiser when such a race has been completed as it may not be picked up.
9.  There will be no charge to enter the CRS for club members however athletes will be required to intimate their intention to compete to the organiser or office of the handicapper general. Athletes will be required to enter series events in the normal way however the organiser shall collect results and collate scores.
10.A prize will be awarded to the athlete (male or female) with the highest total score after the final event.
11.In the event of a tie for first place the winner shall be the athlete with the highest average finishing position in the handicap races.
12.The title of CRS age group champions shall be awarded to the age group with the highest score from three counting athletes. As well as a prize for the team counters the winning age group will have bragging rights for one calendar year.
13.A monthly ranking table of all entrants will be displayed on the CAAC web page and also at training throughout the CRS.
* A 2 point official’s bonus shall be awarded to anyone entered in the CRS who cannot run the CAAC 5 or Handicap races due to marshalling or officiating duties.
**Sorry if you move up an age group during the series but it will work out better for you next year
***Black Rock 5 isn’t really five miles so as last year no Gold Target bonus available although we will use 5 mile Silver bonus targets (so it’s a bit of a free gift)

Events Entry Silver target Seasons best Gold target
Spring Handicap* 2 2 - -
Balmoral 10km 1 1 1 1
Silverknowes 5km 1 1 1 1
Penicuik 10km 1 1 1 1
Dunfermline Half 1 1 1 1
CAAC 5* 1 1 1 1
Seven Hills Race 1 1 - -
Black Rock “5” 1 1 - -***
Scottish Gas 10km 1 1 1 1
Great Scottish Run 1 1 1 1
Autumn Handicap* 2 2 - -
Meadows bonus 4 - - -
Well travelled bonus 2 - - -

Previous Winners

2011 - Chris Peggie 2010 - Shaun Cavens 2009 - Corrie Roberts 2008 - Shaun Cavens