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CAAC: Down n Up 2018, Saturday 22 December 9am


Sorry for being useless, after advertising very lazily via WhatsApp and in person when able. Would like to confirm the Down N Up is taking place tomorrow morning at 9am at the top of Kaimes Road. Hope to have first starters off at 9:15am.

Trail shoes recommended.

You can turn up on the day and run, but if you know you are going to and havent said aye yet drop me a note here or via email at

Its a fun event, and this year we are asking you to come smartly dressed i.e. suit and tie. Its xmas after all. 

Race down the hill from the Tower ~900m, wee breather then back up the hill back to the Tower,

There will be Soup and prizegiving at 2e Caroline Terrace afterwards. 

Hope you can make it!