2018 Autumn Handicap

This year's Autumn Handicap will take place on Thursday 13th of September. The race, open to U15's and up, starts and finishes on the path adjacent to Stevenson Drive right outside the main entrance to the track and the first runner will be set off at 7pm. Last year saw the introduction of an alternative route to accommodate the Rose Garden and Saughton Park refurbishment work and we will stick with this route again this year - https://gb.mapometer.com/running/route_4605850 The changes see a right turn off Stenhouse Drive one street earlier (Stenhouse Terrace) followed by another right hander back onto the usual route at Ford's Road. Then, instead of the chicane into the car park at the back of the track, it's another right across the footbridge and continuing along Ford's Road to rejoin Gorgie Road at the end. A left turn to follow the course in reverse takes you back to where you started. To enter please see your coach and give them a recent time for a race of 1mile up to 5km (or several if you like) or else post here. If you are able to help out then please let me know - I generally need 6-7 people to marshal the course and operate the start/finish area although the more runners the better. BRING PINS! For those interested in the history of the event and past results see here http://www.caac.org.uk/handicap (just don't follow the route map on that page!) This year we'll try and meet up in the same pub afterwards!

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I'll run again this year.

I'll run again this year. Parkrun pb 24.35 from early this year. A bit off that pace at the moment (honest guv) but I'll take that.

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Hi Tom, I'd like to run

Hi Tom, I'd like to run please. My most recent mile and 5k times are 6:16 and 21:54. Thanks!

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Update... I ran 21:37 at

Update... I ran 21:37 at parkrun last weekend. Coach Dave thinks that my parkrun PB of 21:23 should be used for my handicap so maybe he thinks I'm in good form?? Feel free to handicap me using whatever information you think is most relevant! :)

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Hiya Tom. Charlie said that

Hiya Tom. Charlie said that he wants to give this a go, his recent 5k's have been around 21 minutes. Cheers
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No worries Al.

No worries Al.

Thanks Janet that would be great.

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What's this Al? Charlie runs

What's this Al? Charlie runs 18:12 in the summer and 21:46 last week?  I smell a rat!!!  Or maybe an injurywink

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Ha Ha Tommo, fair do's. 3

Ha Ha Tommo, fair do's. 3 weeks summer holidays and not running then football games twice a week and getting injuries!! He was basically 'burnt oot'. You can choose m8,it's a bit fun. :-D
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To all competitors in the

To all competitors in the handicap...the entrance to the skate park/Staughton Park is not particularly safe with works still ongoing. Therefore the 3rd version of the handicap route will be used (race distance preserved) as shown here https://gb.mapometer.com/running/route_4806688.html Note, on the way out you cross the bridge at Ford's Road to your left and then retrace your steps when re-entering the park. NO CORNER CUTTING in the park please! Any questions let me know. And remember to bring pins.
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Hi Tommo, Charlie and I were

Hi Tommo, Charlie and I were just over 12 minutes for the 2 miles Self Transcendence race tonight,Charlie more closer to the 12 than me. Final time update. The Honest Camerons.
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<p>Results in from the

Results in from the handicap where Nick Brown took a storming victory having laid a 3 year plan to hoodwink the handicapper!!!  Congratulations Nick.  Stephen Addison was fastest on the night.

Handicapping was a bit down on accuracy this year but a spread of 8:05 was whittled down to 1:54 (after removing the two outliers) and 37 was a new record number of finishers giving the start/finish crew a testing time.  70% of runners went round faster than predicted - I'm obviously being too lenient!

Thanks as ever to Moray, BC and Dave on the start/finish, all the marshals who helped make the new route run smoothly and everybody who ran.

Autumn Handicap 2018.pdf

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Thanks Tommo for laying a

Thanks Tommo for laying a great event as ever, and to all helpers on the night, a great turnout and well done Nick on joining an illustrious list of names on the trophy!

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Well done Tommo for the handi

Well done Tommo for the handi-caping,Blair spot on and myself only 2 secs out. Thanks to all the timekeepers and marshals. Another race Charlie can now beat me....the list is getting bigger. :(