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Tour of Fife - Day Five


The monotony of running every day had been broken by a visit to the emergency vet with a cat who had some how managed to acquire a deep cut on his side. I can tell you he's not very impressed with his new cone collar and managed to dispose of it during the night and rip his stitches out. So she who loves a lovely cup of tea, and was coming to support the somewhat depleted CAAC contingent, was off back to the vet’s again. It’s all go in the van den Berg household! I had a race to run so cat caring duties had to be suspended to finish this final race. A 10k trail race in the Falkland estate. I know the Falkland estate quite well so knew it was going to be a ‘challenging’ last run. 


Pete who had been at a BBQ at Dougie’s (not Dundee, I not getting any younger and the hearing isn’t quite as sharp as it used to be…..) was back and looking forward to it. So would I after a nice rest and a few burgers! We were also joined by Alan (Risk not Cameron) who had joined the tour for the mile time trial and then decided to go for a nice walk along the coastal trail rather than do a 5K. I'm not sure about these part-timers! Although then again perhaps it's the way to go…… The CAAC hard core, Neill and Jilly, were not convinced and dedicated to the cause were trying to gee themselves up for one final effort. Jilly’s enthusiam was kind of infectious, Neill who hadn't been his chirpy self managed to mutter some positive thoughts: “I'm going to finish it and I’m not bothered who is around me I just want to get it over and done with”. My positive coaching techniques are paying off - that Neill is a fast learner.


The race itself was tough, with some nasty inclines just when you didn’t want them to appear. I dragged myself through it and as Neill just wanted to finish the thing. I managed to catch up with Alan for a while and would have chatted if only I had had some energy and we weren't just going up a hill where I had to have a bit of a walk…..then after that last hill and some nice down hill running it was over. Alan had already finished and Neill with Jilly hot on his heels soon followed. We didn't have to wait long for Pete either! Absolutely fabulous running by all fellow CAACers including the honorary members and part-timers. 


That's it done for another year. The interesting fact of the day is that the Tour of Fife is a brilliant race series and if you haven't done it before do it! If you have but not for a while then come and do it again. We need a larger presence at this great race series and I would even put up with CAAC president Bryan drone on about the up hill time trial! 

Results here

Overall standings here

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Thanks so much for writing

Thanks so much for writing these reports Jan, they've made me chuckle! I very much agree that this is one of the best running events out there and I loved being part of it!
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Great reports Jan.

Great reports Jan. Well done everyone,it's a fantastic tour.
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Thanks for the updates Jan. 

Thanks for the updates Jan.  Although more about the running and less moaning in future.  You may want to fix your link for the overall standings