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Tour of Fife - Day Four

Saturday is Park Run day. So doing a nice fast 5K seemed to be a fitting race to the Tour organisers. So after our fast mile yesterday evening we didn't have that long to recover for the 2pm start. Still it was only 5K and we had only done a mile the day before. How hard could it be? This was the question we pondered as the now somewhat depleted CAAC contingent met in the car park. Jilly was still feeling enthusiastic she said. Looking forward to it, although she was worried her legs would be less willing than her spirit! Neill was less convinced about a fast 5K, neither his body or spirit were firing on all cylinders anymore. 


Time for a pep talk. If I had had the energy I would have said: “This will be fun, I can't wait, all the track work will stand us in good stead and it will be over before you know it!” Still also feeling slightly weary I think I might have said I couldn't really be bothered but it would be over fairly quickly and perhaps we should do a bit of a warm up……oh yes all the coaching skills honed over many years are still there! 


This was the second race that I didn't start at the back. A narrow path means that starting at the back would mean slow running for a bit longer than would be sensible. Or perhaps the overall standings are getting to me and I don't want to lose to much time to the people around me in the rankings…… competitive moi? Not at all! Anyway as Neill had gained a fair few seconds on me I thought I'd better get a shift on when the race started. When I did I found the legs surprisingly willing, which was just as well as on the out and back course you can see what the gap is between you and you fellow runners quite clearly on the turn. Suffice to say the gap between me and Neill on the turn was little with Jilly pretty close behind Neill. And then as I had said before the start it was over before we knew it! Great runs by my fellow CAACers.  Oh before I forget the interesting fact of the day is that I normally start at the back of a race. I know fascinating! 


Tomorrow is the last race already. See it's over before you know it. So If you haven't done the tour before or are tempted to give it another go then do. It's a pretty special race series! 


The results are here 


Overall standings here