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Tour of Fife - Day Three

So today was a nice quick flat mile… favourite, especially on sore and tired legs. Now I can hear you thinking that I am sounding a bit moany - I think you might be right! A select CAAC + 1 met in the car park. We are down to 3 regular CAACers and Pete. Part-time Keith is of to a wedding - allegedly and Ally, well Ally is injured. We also know that Pete has a BBQ in Dundee to go to tomorrow so we will be down to three hard core CAACers for the 5K road race. 


Today's time trial is possibly a bit of a cruel idea after giving our calves and quads a hammering yesterday on a very steep hill. However when they turned up and I found Neill and especially Jilly in good spirits. Jilly was pleased to have survived yesterday and felt that she also had had the opportunity to further develop her sliding downhill technique. Neill apparently likes running miles he's pretty good at them and also felt that 'I’ll just take a breather at the top of the hill' technique had conserved him some precious energy which would come in handy during the fast mile! Pete was just happy he could still walk.


The time trial was set off in threes this year and as in previous years the runners I was paired with had absolutely no interest in waiting for me. I saw them disappearing into the distance as I was trying to encourage my legs to start turning over a bit faster. They eventually did but after about 1/4 of a mile started burning a feeling I remembered from last year - it is to be ignored and pushed through as best as one can! After a generous 6 minutes the joy of the fast mile was over. I jogged back a bit to see Neill speeding past for another superb sub 6 effort and then Jilly who was turning over quite nicely! Pete also came in looking pretty strong, obviously the idea of a BBQ tomorrow was spurring him on to give this one a last push. Great running folks!


Oh and the interesting fact of the day is that part-time Keith has a bit of a killer competitive streak in him. The story goes that Neill was running along on the downhill part of the hill race last night when he saw an injured runner. Neill shouted out his concern when he heard a voice behind him said leave him that's another place we are going up in the rankings….. that voice turns out to be the usually really friendly and kind Keith.


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