Tour of Fife - Day Two

The interesting fact of the day is that the CAAC top runners tend to warm up by walking round the course with a can of fizzy juice where us mere mortals tend to do some gentle jogging. So as I set off for my gentle jog who should I meet but Ally armed with a can of IrnBru and still in his work clothes checking out where the start might be…… further along my jog I met one of the course organisers who respectfully suggested that I might want to save my energy for the run itself. Having to run up East Lomond before I knew he had a point.


Ally who had a great run for someone not a hundred percent fit was worried about this one. When I met him at the start he said he was going to give it a go and see whether he could compete and if not he might have to pull out. Neill, Keith, Jilly and honorary member Pete managed to find the start in good time too. Surrounded by several thousand flies the start couldn't come soon enough. Then again when we started I for one thought I could have done with a bit of extra chatting and resting rather then setting off for a relentless mile of climbing! We all had our own plans in how we were going to complete this one, it was going to be a toughie.


In the race Ally did have to pull out. A real shame and I know a big disappointment to Ally, still better to be in one piece then totally broken I say. None of us really noticed Ally pulling out we were too busy watching our feet and dealing with the dawning realisation that this was going to be hard, really very hard. Still we all plodded on up that big hill. Scenic apparently not that I noticed it much. Going up with my calves burning I was thinking about my descending technique. Would I try and run down, really not my strong point or do what I did last year and slide down on my bum. The bum technique won out. What followed was a fairly relentless, and longer then I had remembered it, descent. Time for the quads to get a hammering! 


Happy to finish this one and I was soon followed by Neill, Keith, Jilly and Pete. Of course this was Keith’s last run and as it turned out also Ally’s so six are now four and that includes our honorary member. I'm thinking we might have to recruit some more. Or of course it is never too late to come and do some of the races. Anyone up for a fast mile or 5K? 


The results are in


And we now also have the overall standings to start to obsess about!