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Tour of Fife - Day One

Well there you go…’s July and that can only mean one thing it's Tour time! A lovely five days of discovering the beautiful countryside of Fife. Well that is today (West Sands at St Andrews), tomorrow (East Lomond Hill just behind Falkland) and Sunday (the woods around Strathmiglo), not sure that Kirkcaldy promenade (1 mile time trail) or a footpath in Glenrothes (5K road run) totally count as beautiful countryside. 


I made my way to West Sands via St Monans, picking up she who loves a lovely cup of tea on the way. Can’t keep her away from the sea and the beach! In the car park I was soon joined by ‘I’m just going to take it easy’ Ally, ‘I’ll do the first two races and no more’ Keith, ‘I’m up for this and really quite excited’ Jilly and ‘I’ve got the Tour bug and I’m back for more’ Neil and honorary CAACer master Selman father of the legendary Dougie. The 


So last year some of the starts of the races were a bit of a surprise due to the soft spoken nature of the starter. Something that has been fixed by giving the man a whistle! I had positioned myself at the back and asked Ally to join me. He declined saying that he wanted to just take it easy from the front, which is exactly what he did. That is starting at the front and staying at the front. I think I might like to take it easy from the front if that is what happens. I suspect though for some reason if it tried it, it wouldn't quite have the same result…..still I was quite happy with my run considering I started at the back. Neil was targeting a top half finish and I reckon that is definitely where he finished, Jilly with a strong performance was not that far behind him. And that on her ‘home’ turf as well. The interesting fact of the day (yes there now will be more to come in subsequent days - do look out for them) is that Jilly started her running career on this very beach! Keith came storming in next with an impressive strong finish as did master Selman. Only four more races to go! Easy……….