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East League XC Broxburn - Helpers Required

As one of the biggest participating clubs, we have been asked once again to co-host the final district league xc meeting at Broxburn on Saturday, 20th January. This means that we are required to provide enough people for course setup and marshalling to allow the event to take place.
From previous experience, we should aim to have four people to help with course setup in the morning and then as many marshals as possible for the afternoon. Last year we only had four marshals - we ideally need a few more.
Course setup is from 9:00 and should take a couple of hours. If you can help (i.e. not able to run like me), please let me know.
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Thanks to Chris, Alan, BC and

Thanks to Chris, Alan, BC and Ken Stewart for helping to setup and marshal at Broxburn yesterday. I got the following message from Alex Jackson today:

Can you pass on my thanks to all at Corstorphine AAC who either course built and marshaled at Snowy/Sunny Broxburn yesterday
and also thanks to both of you for putting up with my persistent emails on what help there would be, as always there was plenty from CAAC but it helps to know in advance. The 798 finishers is a record for a 3rd meet and the 2491 over the season's 3 meetings also a record for  a season.