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Hi there,

First of all a Merry Xmas to all athletes / coaches / officials and helpers within Corstorphine AAC.

After a couple of days of merryment it will be time to think about burning off the calories again so training sessions will be as follows.

Thursday 28 December --  meet at Saughton enclosure outside at 19.00hrs ready to run. Session will be a group run around 5 miles. Xmas hats on.

Sunday 31st December --- meet at my house about 9.30am ( 9 Saughtonhall Circus ) for a group run. 9-10 miles easy pace as I need the training. Coffee and toast after the run back at mines.

Tuesday 2nd January 2018 --- meet at Saughton enclosure for 19.00hrs.  Session will be various small hills along Corstorphine road.

Thursday 4th january 2018 --- meet at Saughton enclosure for 19.00hrs.  Group run 6-7 miles. Route on agreement on the night.

Hope a few can make it along each night.

Cheers for now.

Coach Dave H   




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Just want to say I am

Just want to say I am enjoying meeting at Saughton - the sessions have been really good over the past two weeks - cheers Dave!