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Blairaddam Badass Trail Race

I noticed this race and as it had a nice picture in the advert I thought I might as well enter it. Then I decided to let some of my FB friends know and before I knew it we had a big CAAC contingent down for this race. 

I got up in good time as I didn’t want to be late or just not turn up at all. As an assistant coach I take my responsibilities seriously - well most of the time..... ok sometimes then. I made my way to Kelty and soon found my fellow CAACers - bouncing Captain Alan, Fiona, Janet, Graeme F, Graeme R, Keith, Richard, David and Neill. We made our way to the ‘start’ which was unmanned when we got there. Well not so much unmanned as non-existent..... the organisers were nowhere to be seen and a growing throng of confused runners were aimlessly searching for any hint of a start sign or warming up in anticipation that everything would be alright in the end. We needn’t have worried as just before the advertised start time the organisers turned up. After a short briefing which warned runners to be mindful that not every turn was marshalled we were off.....

The ground was mostly frozen with a decent dusting of snow. Most of the first 3 or so miles was uphill, which was challenging but as we are doing a lot of hills in training didn’t feel too bad. I had start d at the back and made my way through the field until I could settle the n some sort of rhythm. I am sure other CAACers were doing the same mostly at a faster pace......never that sure what happens at the front but know that’s a Keith ran a stormer and that after doing the though Alloa XC the day before. A well deserved second place the result. There was more bling with Fiona taking 3rd Female and Graeme and Janet scooping age category prizes! 

A great run which I would recommend, especially as slower runners get to do a bit extra (apparently a Marshall got confused and sent the faster lot down a wrong path and a shorter course) . So much for us slightly faster folk paying attention.....

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Great report Jan,great route

Great report Jan,great route and a beautiful afternoon weather wise for a run. Well done to all the caacers whatever distance you ran.