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Autumn Handicap 2017

With the nights already drawing in and following some pretty testing twilight conditions for the finish line crew in 2016, this year's Autumn Handicap will take place a few weeks earlier than normal on the 14th of September.

The race, open to U17's and up, starts and finishes on the path adjacent to Stevenson Drive right outside the main entrance to the track and the first runner will be set off at 7pm.

With the Saughton Park and Rose Gardens refurbishment works well under way our usual route through the Park is closed. As such an alternative route will be run which is of identical distance -

The changes see a right turn off Stenhouse Drive one street earlier (Stenhouse Terrace) followed by another right hander back onto the usual route at Ford's Road. Then, instead of the chicane into the car park at the back of the track, it's another right across the footbridge and continuing along Ford's Road to rejoin Gorgie Road at the end. A left turn to follow the course in reverse takes you back to where you started.

To enter please see your coach and give them a recent time for a race of 1mile up to 5km (or several if you like) or else post here.

If you are able to help out then please let me know - I generally need 6-7 people to marshal the course and operate the start/finish area although the more runners the better. BRING PINS!

For those interested in the history of the event and past results see here (just don't follow the route map on that page!)

Aljaroo's picture

Hi Tommo.

Hi Tommo. Today's parkrun was 19:02 19:02 I never got a PB it was 19:02 Thanks Honest Al
Graeme Reid's picture

I've marshalled last couple

I've marshalled last couple of years, so will have a go at the run this time. Got a PB at Parkrun about 6 weeks ago 26 m 10s.

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Hi Tom, I'd like to run

Hi Tom, I'd like to run please. My most recent parkrun time was 21:27. Thanks!
Victor's picture

Al has been scouring my

Al has been scouring my parkrun results and I did manage a 19:07 3-4 months ago on the back of my London Marathon training. Not in that kind of shape now but put me down for 19:07 anyway to keep the Captain happy! wink

Aljaroo's picture

Sorry Victor, but you'll feel

Sorry Victor, but you'll feel much better pushing yourself with me rather than 35 seconds in front. :-D
Aljaroo's picture

Now I'm feeling bad for

Now I'm feeling bad for reminding you of your faster time 2 weeks b4 your quoted time and I know you're much slower now, so maybe Tommo could split the difference and give you a 19:30!! ;-)
Tommo's picture

Just to be clear, I'm not

Just to be clear, I'm not looking for your pb's but rather recent form. Recent form that is backed up by race times not "I think I might run this or that time". Also happy for people to keep an eye on athletes trying to hoodwink the handicapper!
Aljaroo's picture

Never hide Tommo....if I don

Never hide Tommo....if I don't catch who I should be catching!! They have either hoodwinked you or you've got the handi-cap wrong-which never happens!! :)
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Hi Tommo. Better put me down

Hi Tommo. Better put me down for 19:15 for 5k or I'll never hear the end of it from El Capitán!

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Can I run? Parkrun a couple

Can I run? Parkrun a couple weeks ago 19.34. Murieston 23.17 (I think, are results out yet?) a handful of seconds behind Victor.
Nick's picture

I shall 'run'.

I shall 'run'.

I've raced only once in the last several years, Philiphaugh Hill Race (11km, 400m) in 1:16:30 last month, make of that what you can.

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Hi Tommo, I hope to be able

Hi Tommo, I hope to be able to run on Thursday if I get away from work in time.  Ran 6K in Murieston in 28:01 and recently ran a parkrun in 22:14,

Tommo's picture

Just checking that all those

Just checking that all those who've said they can help are still available?  I'll aim to be at the entrance to the track for about 6.40pm.  The farthest marshall point is only a 5 minute walk away. I'm pretty sure there is no more rain left.  See you there.

Runners, remember pins.

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Tommo, David Arnott is

Tommo, David Arnott is unavailable tonight so I've offered to train his squad so he didn't have to cancel. I hope this doesn't leave you short. Richard.

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I can help if needed or plod

I can help if needed or plod round if not.  26 mins at Murieston last week is the only thing I have done since the Spring handicap.

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Hi Janet ,

Hi Janet ,

Looks like the Results were posted on the CAAC Twitter section ( Right hand side of the CAAC Web site ;-)