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The 2017 edition of the MTR will take place on Saturday 9th September, and with just less than 5 weeks to go, this is a request for volunteers.

As with previous CAAC events, it is hoped that as many of our members as possible will actually run the race, but the positions noted below are the minimum required for the race to proceed safely, so I would ask you to consider adding your name to the list.

Race Referee: John O’Hara
1: Megan Smith
2: ​Winnie O’Hara​
Results: Tim Norwood
Timekeeper: Bryan Clark
Place Judge: John O’Hara
1: Megan Smith
2: Winnie O’Hara
3: Nick Brown (and 3a)

4: Keith Hood
5: Fiona Carver
6: Chris O’Brien
7: Neill Porterfield
8: Graeme Fletcher
9: Graeme Reid
10: Blair Montgomery
Sweeper: Susan Johnson

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi John. As I said at the

Hi John. As I said at the track tonight, I'll take on a marshalling post again this year. Last year I did the spot at the bottom of the road where the runners come up the hill and turn to the left. Happy to do that one again or wherever you think is best.

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Hi John,

Hi John,

I'm happy to help out and Marshall at the event as won't be running this year. Cheers Neill



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Hi John

Hi John

I'm happy to help with marshalling/registration. 

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Hi, I'll be along to help as a marshall. Have to be away sharpish after so one closer to the start preferably but no problem if not possible. Cheers Blair
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Hi Blair

Hi Blair

Because its an out and back, the early positions mean you also have to be there at the end! I've put you on 10, which is at least close to the start/finish. The race will be well over by 12 noon. Hope that's OK.

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Still looking for volunteers

Still looking for volunteers for Timekeeper & Place Judge. Also Marshal point 5 needs filled.

Don't be shy!

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All volunteer spots now

All volunteer spots now covered. Many thanks.

See you all at Livingston Cricket Club on Saturday. Marshals briefing at 10.30am.

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Fantastic day and record entry. Well done everyone, and thankyou all for turning up. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thankyou also to Livingston Cricket Club for the use of their facilities, and a special thankyou to Jen behind the bar. Thanks also to the Marshals and everyone who helped. 

Full results and a list of the prize winners below, which now includes the Local Residents.

Date for your diary for next years event is Saturday 8th September 2018.

MTR 2017 Prizewinners.pdf

MTR 2017 Results.pdf