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Tour of Fife . my battles

Jan has already brilliantly reported the 5 races that has just ended but I would like to tell you about my own personal battles...with one runner in particular. First time I'd tried the TOF so I didn't know what to expect when I was on the start line on a windy St Andrews beach,but just before the shouted go someone pointed out Lib Dem man Willie Rennie, as long as I finish ahead of him me thinks. So as I come off the soft sand on the bend I'm running with a westerlands guy with WR up ahead ando blue shirt ahead of him, as I went hunting for Willie, west guy dropped back to leave me and WR sprinting for the line which I won by 9 sec putting me in the top 20, but boy blue beating us both. Race 2 had me tailgating we Wul up to East Lomond before passing on the ascent then getting totally whipped from Wul on the way the bottom of EL there is about a 1k downhill trail where I ran like the devil was on my shirt tail chasing WR's Carnegie vest too fly past the Carnegie vest with 100 meters to go to discover WR had already finished 8 sec before me as his Carnegie clubmate crossed just after, west and blue also finished but still top 20. The 1 mile TT had me and Wul paired but due to police advice they changed the pairings with WR starting after the Captain-Blue-West trio which ran like pals for 3/4 till west faltered and I picked up for blue boy to only go and surge ahead and beat me to the line. More importantly I had a 5:24 PB and WR finishing 1 second behind but even more importantly was a Central girl who ran a 5:23 was now threatening my top 20. On the 5k I was out the traps fast chasing the Wullie rabbit only to be joined by Blue,west and central girl all by now knowing who is who and what needs to be done. Central girl aka Claire Houston took off in the last K to really throw a spanner in the works but I also had some tools in my shorts and passed westboy then WR and crossed the line together with little boy blue.As things stood going into the last race west and blue were ahead of me,Claire 1 sec and WR 5 sec behind,still top 20. Last race and the pressure has got to much for blue as it's a no show from that after some friendly banter amongst rivals we were off in this winner takes all 7K. WR and Claire push on early putting a bit of a gap between them West and myself, with 2k to go threw caution to the wind and stormed up the last hill leave west looking for East and passing WR at the top and quickly catching Claire. 1k left as I pass the yellow vest and start opening up a gap pretty rapid but knowing Rennie'so downhill prowess I don't rest on my laurels and sprint for the line in 31:27. I was correct in my assumption in WR as he went passed Claire on the downhill for a 31:36, not only did I secure my top 20,I finished in 18th place and won a pair of Walsh running shoes in a spot prize. Get your name down next year for this exciting topsy turvy race. It's brilliant!!