Hi there,

After last years successful training weekend at Pitlochry I am in the process of organising another for 2017. I have contacted New Lanark Youth Hostel ( check it out ) for availablity for 1 night on Saturday 9th September 2017 and they have a number of quad rooms. rooms for £69.  The weekend will be similar to last year,

1. Compete or assist with the Murieston Trail Race

2. After the prizes head off to New Lanark. Dump our stuff and head out for a riverside run.

3. Social evening at the local pub.

4. Up in the morning and head off to another location for a longer run. I was thinking Grey Mares Tail area but open to suggestions.

5. Find a cafe somewhere for a bit of brunch before heading home.

If you are interested in the weekend then please post below or let me know at training. I would like £20 per head so that I can book the hostel. Extra cash will go to the drinks kitty.

Cheers for now.

Coach Dave H


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Hi Dave.

Hi Dave. Please put my name down on the list. Thanks Alan
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I'm going to pass on this years Training Weekend, but I will of course be looking for a good show from your squad with Murieston Trail Race assistance. Bit soon to be posting a volunteer request, but I will be asking.