Officials for Aberdeen Mens League, 6th May

Hi all, We're short of officials for this weekend's Men's League meeting in Aberdeen. The rules state that unless we provide 3 officials (one must be graded, the other two require no training) then the club do not score any points at the meeting. Aberdeen is a particular problem because it’s so far, so it’s difficult to even get enough interest from competing athletes. As things stand, there are 5 athletes going, each undertaking multiple events in order to ensure the club is well represented. Please consider if you could be available to travel with us to Aberdeen and help with this event. Events start at 12:00 (field) 12:40 (track) and finish around 16:45 (track), the field events finish a little earlier. James and myself will provide transport to and from Aberdeen. It’s a 2hr30min drive, and we need to be there around 11, so will leave PC World, Drumbrae, circa 8:30. No previous experience is required, you will be fully briefed in whatever you end up helping in, and I believe the officials get given lunch. This would be an excellent opportunity for anyone who wanted to see what a Men's League meeting is like. Hopefully this will become less of an issue with the events closer to home. Please contact myself or James if you are able to help (also, if this e-mail has given you a nudge that you should be COMPETING this Saturday, again, get in touch pronto) Thanks, Ally & James