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Spring Handicap

This year's Spring Handicap, a two lap 6 mile race mostly on trails, will take place on Thursday 20th April at 7.15pm.

Starting and finishing on the Water of Leith walkway adjacent to the Kirkgate in Currie, the race takes in 1 anti-clockwise lap followed by 1 clockwise lap with runners set off on a staggered start (slowest first).

The event is open to U15 and up and details of the route etc can be found here

If you would like to be involved please email me or tell your coach who will pass your details to me. You must supply a recent 5km or preferably 10km time on which I can base your handicap.

The course will be flour marked but it is always useful to have a few marshals so please let me know if you can help out.

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Cheers Nick. Can't access

Cheers Nick. Can't access the Facebook event but if you could post to ensure anyone "going" messages me with a name and time that would be great.
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No problem Aaron. For

No problem Aaron. For everyone entered please bring pins as there will be race numbers.
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No problem Aaron. For

No problem Aaron. For everyone entered please bring pins as there will be race numbers.
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Hi Tommy, I would like to

Hi Tommy, I would like to enter if I'm not too late! Not done a 10k recently but in Livingston I was about 22mins for the 5k. Cheers Megan
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I'm planning to run up there,

I'm planning to run up there, hopefully I won't be late. Not used to running 5k or 10k but close to 40mins on fresh legs. Yep that's my time for 5k :)
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The Facebook 'event' has the

The Facebook 'event' has the following attendees: Dean Carr Stu Liv Alastair Brockie Jan-Bert van den Berg Megan Smith Graeme Fletcher Fiona Carver Janet Grigor Martin Caldwell Bryan Clark Lisa Christy Blair Montgomery Aaron Hoyle Katherine Highland
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Thanks Nick.

Thanks Nick. No times or contact from Lisa Christy or Jan Bert. If you see this, are you intending to run?
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A great turnout on a lovely

A great turnout on a lovely Spring evening for the 2017 edition of the 'Long' handicap (my 10th in charge). You'd think after 10 years of this game I'd know a thing or two about handicapping. Apparently not - Martin Caldwell managed to sail WAY under the radar and come romping home 1:19 ahead of his nearest challenger. And, as seems to be customary, I still can't figure out Laura Smith (sorry Laura).
Despite the odd glitch (a dog ate and then peed on one of my arrows, and a horse obliterated another with manure) pretty much everybody managed to stay out of car parks and seemed to enjoy the occasion.

This year saw our first foreigner take part. Al Anthony of HBT used local knowledge to run the fastest time on the night and a nice 17:08/16:43 negative split for 33:51 (still a way off the 32:05 course record set by Keith Hood in 2014). Or maybe it was that I punished him for being HBT and put him off the back and he just had more people to chase. Anyway, we were happy to have him and he seemed to enjoy the battle with Brockie and Harrison.

The spread of times from a handicapper's point of view was a bit too wide but removing the obvious outliers it started to look ok. 40.9% ran within 25s of predicted time, 72.7% within 1:20 and 86.3% within 1:45. Could do better (me, that is).

Thanks to all for turning up, to Stuart for his help on the start/finish and figuring out times after my stopwatch only stored the first 8 splits, To Doug and Mrs Doug(?) for help marshaling, Nick for photography, and Susan and Pilks for general support. Hope I haven't missed anyone.

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