Baddinsgill 2016 marshals needed

Baddinsgill Marshals needed

I'm sure you're all aware of the upcoming hill race I'm organising. Can you help with marshalling?
Sunday, 28th August, noon
Baddinsgill, near West Linton

For those few not keen to enter and run the race :-) it would be great if some would be prepared to help with organisation and marshalling. 4-5 marshals are need to head out on the hill to cover various checkpoints, and another possibly 4-5 are need to help with declarations at the start and timekeeping at the start/end.

On the course map, checkpoints 1, 2, 6, 8 9 all need marshalling. Checkpoints 1 and 2 are a relatively short distance after the start and can be reached in 5-10 minutes, and all runners should have past these points within about 10 minutes of the race start. Checkpoint 1 involves controlling a gate and closing it when the final runner passes, and checkpoint 2 is simply there to make sure runners head onto the ridge instead of direct towards Maw Mount. Checkpoint 8, 20 minutes walk from the finish, requires a marshal to direct people towards the final hill instead of going direct to the finish, as a few people have gone wrong in the past. Checkpoint 9, the final checkpoint is also only 20 minutes from the end and involves making sure runners pass round the post near the summit and descent to finishing field. This checkpoint could easily be covered by someone after also covering checkpoint 1 or 2. I will take those cover checkpoints 8 and 9 out to their positions after the start of the race.

Checkpoint 6, is an important point marking half way and also an escape route for runners withdrawing from the race, and ideally needs covered by 2 marshals. It also allows us to know that eastern half of the hills is cleared when the last runner is counted through. However it is reasonable distance from the start area, although along a good drove road and easily reached by bike followed by a short walk in about 20 minutes. All the other checkpoints are unmarked and unmarshalled so race setup and takedown are much simpler. Marshals should be prepared for being stationary in the hills for a period of time so will need warm and waterproof clothing as appropriate. A small pack with food and water would also be good, and I'll provide a small supply of water and sweets to those covering checkpoints 6, 8 and 9 for passing runner that might require it, as well as a small first aid kit. All the checkpoints have mobile phone coverage so carrying a phone would be great as well, particularly at checkpoint 6 so that first and last runners passing can be communicated to the finish area.

A dedicated team of 3 people to help hand out race numbers at the start and deal with important timekeeping at the finish will be needed, and also to make sure finishing runners have water and food as needed. I'll supply water and sweets/bananas for this.

A few people to help control parking around the busy start area would be vey useful. The marshals and start/finish helpers will need to be along before the race start, ideally by about 9:30am so that final organisation can take place. I expect the first runners to finish in considerably less than 2 hours, and final runners to take at most perhaps 3 hours, so the final marshals will be at their stations for while, though I'd expect them to returned by no later than perhaps 3:30pm.

The prize giving will be in Gordon Arms at 3:00pm possibly before the last person finishes, so I'd expect that final hill marshals and finishing timekeepers may unfortunately miss this.

So can you help? If so please let me know.

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That's great, thanks Dean.

That's great, thanks Dean.

Graeme Reid and Jan have also volunteered to help again.

I just need another 5+ volunteers.

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Hi Nick, Just let me know

Hi Nick, Just let me know nearer the time - I'm in. Might want to meet to have a planning / contingency meeting nearer the time.

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Thanks Graeme! If you're

Thanks Graeme! If you're happy manning the Cauldstone slap checkpoint again that would be great.

We have so far:

My mum and little sister doing registration and time keeping again.
Susan running as sweeper at the back.
Dean, Jan and Graeme Reid as hill marshall.
If Jan and Graeme are happy doing checkpoints 1&2, and then moving to checkpoints 8&9, as last year, that would be great. Dean if you'd be happy to go to Cauldstone slap with Graeme that would be great (note, you'll only get bike about half way there before the track becomes too rough).

Any more volunteers, to help with car parking, and general duties at the start finish would be much appreciated.

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Nick- I just signed up for

Nick- I just signed up for the race as fancy a go at this, but if need me to help out instead just let me know. Tom
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Unfortunately neither Jan or

Unfortunately neither Jan or Tim can make it along any more, so I'm still in need of another hill marshal. Anyone happy to man the important checkpoint 8 out on the course?

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I can do check point 8 if

I can do check point 8 if required. I did a practice run last week, so should be able to get myself there!

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Thanks for the offer Tom, but

Thanks for the offer Tom, but you can still run the race as Doug Murray has volunteered to help marshal this checkpoint.