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Sign up for the MaHu Mosey. CAAC PAPs no.4, Friday 31 August 6.30pm

Its the CAAC PAPs again. Race four in the series of six. The perfect way to start off your weekend. No matter whether you have run several events in the series before or indeed it would be your first foray, all are welcome to join in. The facts? You will get muddy. You will get a map. You will have to think on your feet, and ill give a money back guarantee -You will have fun! 

This route has been designed by the gran&;daddy of all CAAC&;s fledgling outings into the hills, Mr Martin Hulme and it promises to be a cracker. As usual there will be a small prizegiving and with not necessarily the winners winning and then retreat to the Stable Arms for refreshments.

When? Friday 31 August, 6.30pm.

Where? End of Stanedykehead


View CP MaHu Mosey Meeting Point
£2 entry if you have not already entered the series.


Enter by clicking the link below or indeed, in person to me (Christopher O&;Brien) or via e-mail to

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All CAAC PAPs events are open

All CAAC PAPs events are open to athletes aged 11 upwards however those aged between 11 and 16 can only take part with and must run at all times with a partner who is over 16. It should also be noted some might be a bit far! If on the lower end of this scale - if you want to make sure it will be ok for you drop me an email at
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Stable Bar has been notified

Stable Bar has been notified that 20ish dirty, muddy, hungry and thirsty bodies may be descending their way on the 31 August.

Now we just need muster that 20 ;]

All Southsiders should have a distinct advantage here!
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Thought i had replied already

Thought i had replied already Shaun, regardless the answer is an emphatic Yes. I have added your name to SignedUp list.
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I you are coming by car

I you are coming by car please park on Alnwickhill Road by the TA centre. Stanedykehead  is a private road so don&;t park here. Buses 7, 37/47 pass the top end of Alnwickhill road, get off at the bus stop just beyond the BP garage, cross the road and walk up. Just a few minutes.
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Thats a shame indeed Jan :(

Thats a shame indeed Jan :( As your logged in and signed up the glorius  changes to the nasty text.

Despite that bad news, im happy to herald a muddy challenging course is well prepared to accept CAAC&;s finest tomorrow night. Martin has been out polishing the checkpoints so we&;re good to go. 

The course is mixed terrain. Whilst there is some tarmac sections i would recommend off road shoes especially given the rainfall of late.

As way of a further warm up i provide below an exercise routine choreographed by our very own Rory McMahon. Rorys Pecks, Pecks and Pecks.

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Jogged round this afternoon

Jogged round this afternoon and the course is as the Irish might say, saft. Plenty of mud and a few steep sections to contend with (up and down) so yes grippy off road shoes recommended.
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'Early' results in no

&;Early&; results in no particular order.

Tommy 4915
Kris 4957 (inc 1 PEN)
Graeme 5003 (inc 1 PEN)
Alex 5042 (inc 1 PEN)
Dean 6324
Gillian 6324
Susan 6324
Fiona 6324
Iain 6325
Mickey 6424 (inc 1 PEN)
OCH 7930
BC 9530 (DNF- AWOL - DQ - MP - IS IT SAFE)

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Another great event and night

Another great event and night in the pub afterwards.  I really enjoy these events they are first class.

Thanks to both Martin and Chris again for another great production 

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Right thought it was about

Right thought it was about time I did a race report as its definitely my turn.
It was a excited dozen that paced the start line on Friday night, knowing that Martin would have planned a challenging route for the 4th Caac pas of 2012. Martin provided the safety briefing  and then outlined the first part of the route to ensure we all (BC included) got safety through the first couple of check points.   
With maps fluttering into the farmers field event master and commander COB set us off.  As usual I started at an even pace and only remembered my abilities as Tommy, BC and Chris trotted up beside me. Chris enjoying the experience and not yet focused on the map decided to run beside me and run through every puddle, nice.
The fast opening section did it’s job and split the pack with Tommy and Chris leading the way with BC closely behind.  With Graeme breathing down my neck to CP 3 we headed down and back up to the Observatory.  Graeme and I saw the front 3 heading left from the top of Blackford.  Graeme and I took a left down the hill to find Tommy and Chris at the bottom. At some point between CP4 and 5 is where our fearless leader seems to have gone slightly off track.
At this point, a bit of senior squad team work took place with Graeme and I working together.  He could have been way ahead was happy to trot along with me.  Back on Blackford hill we were unaware that there was a small grouping utilising the Carr’s local knowledge, no chance of Mickey getting lost this time.  By the second last CP the top two were no where to be seen but Graeme and pushed on and decided to take second look at the map and take shortcut through a field to the last CP.  As we arrived we saw tommy and Chris 30ms off coming form a different direction.  There might have been a few shocked looks and expletives from both sides as I told Graeme to go for it.  
Up until that point Chris admitted he was sportingly going to let Tommy win as he possibly/definitely/maybe had been following him all the way round.  That went out the window as he saw the overall Paps championship slipping away and he stormed the last 600 metres taking 1st place.  However as with all these races there is a question sheet to answer which always affects the scores.  As the times suggest there seemed be a lack of competitive spirit from the next group who all crossed the line together holding hands. However the photo finish it’s clear that Deano puffs his chest out to take victory on the line.   5 minutes later OCH crossed the line with a  smile on his face assuming he was last to finish……
As this point two things were becoming clear;  tommy had got all his questions right and was the winner and we were starting to have those worrying thoughts about BC whenever he&;s involved in a Paps race….. 5, 10,15 minutes passed…..then we all decided to go to the pub and await news.  Thankfully all was well and BC was found.  He zigged when he should have zagged.
As with all Paps races the prize giving was in the pub where we could discuss in detail route choices.  Another fantastic race so a big thanks to martin and Chris for the organisation.