Sign up here for the Juria Jaunt, CAAC PAPS 2012 Race 3!

The CAAC PAPs is heading back to southern Edinburgh and the tried and tested starting point of Colinton Village by Spylaw Park. The best taken route results in a ~7 mile round trip taking in the sights and sounds of the lowland Pentland paths. With a route masterminded by Jimmy Harrison winner of the Spylaw Park leg last year &;Fletch Lives&; you are sure to find a few new and old routes as you traverse the checkpoints.

For those not familiar with The CAAC PAPs head over to the page at The CAAC PAPs. For those that are but haven&;t taken part yet this year this is your last chance to register your complete the series ambitions! Its £5 to run the series or you can enter a one off race for the fine sum of £2. 

This is both a fun, challenging but extremely sociable event. You need not be a navigation superstar but if you take your time and use your napper you&;ll be a-ok and hopefully be raring for more by the time you reach the finish line. The route is mostly on good paths - so good for normal road shoes. However you might want to break out the trail shoes if its been raining or dare i say is..!?

Keeping with the fun and social aspect of the evening we will be retiring to the Spylaw Tavern for some refreshments and a wee prize giving afterwards. Any questions - fire them over? Are you ready? Well then hit Signup in the block to the right or at the bottom of this post or e-mail me direct at to confirm your entry please.
(Please let me know if you intend to run even if already entered the series - ta!)
Juria Jaunt

START is by the P on this map
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Sure to be another classic

Sure to be another classic COB. Gutted as I&;m going to miss this one as well. think I&;ll have some ground to make up at the remaining races!!
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You really are giving them a

You really are giving them a head start this year Alex! A real shame its not working out date wise. :( Still plenty more to come.

The prizes are mounting up for this one, im going to have create new categories for awards on the night. Really looking forward to the soiree. 

With a lot of recent rain it could be a good course for the Old Carthorse. In his &;Old&; neck of the woods too. He has also been putting in a power of secret training. I captured this image at 5:35am at the Meadows this morning. &;New&; Carthorse,, en route?

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Mud, trails and spills......

Mud, trails and spills.......and a good laugh promised! It&;s a Friday night so a wee fun run/race (not serious at all) followed by a couple of drinks and some banter in the pub afterwards is surely a great way to start the weekend! We have over 170 people in the club so to have only 8 people interested in this event is a tad disappointing! Come on;ll love it!! ;)
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Unfortunately I'm away

Unfortunately I&;m away sailing this weekend otherwise I would have been all over this like a fat kid in a pie shop
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Can't say this nowadays Scott

Can't say this nowadays Scott. You mean morbidly obese child ( not fat kid ;-) Enjoy the weekend Sailor Boy
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Another name into the hat and

Another name into the hat and a debut at that, Ross Milne. 8 starters, certainly a quality field. Plenty of space for more quantity and quality!

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Superb Keith, also Grant

Superb Keith, also Grant (almost) and Fiona have added their names to the list ;]
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Have a great race everyone. 

Have a great race everyone.  Hows the overall leader board looking Cob, surely Moray and Stevio are the people to beat!!
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[quote=AlexC]Have a great

Cheers Alex. Keeping those cards close to my chest, it&;s a jungle out there ;] Got my SPF 85 looked out for tonight .. ya dancer!
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Yip, you may of caught me oot

Yip, you may of caught me oot for a wee 5:30 trot, before a weights session, but what were you doing out so early? I had it all wrong. My session plan was to give me 18hours recovery before
Juria Jaunt, as I had myself believing it was Saturday night! If only I had checked up caac for the date and detail. Gutted! Sounds like fun . I&;m surprised that BC found his way round with the visibility being not so great!

Well done to another caacpap, and I hope I don&;t get my dates wrong for the next race