Blairaddam Badass Trail Race

I noticed this race and as it had a nice picture in the advert I thought I might as well enter it. Then I decided to let some of my FB friends know and before I knew it we had a big CAAC contingent down for this race. 

Ochil Ultra - Fifty for Fifty

Ochil Ultra - Fifty for Fifty

Up until now the longest race I had run was the 7 Hills of Edinburgh and my longest training run was 26 miles back in July.  Now 6 months after that mad moment when running 50 miles on my 50th birthday sounded a great idea (well it never sounded great actually) the time had come.

Standing in the grounds of Stirling Uni waiting on the 7am start it was a bit worrying about what lay ahead.  I had my backpack with water, food, waterproofs, foil blanket, whistle, race gps and some blister plasters but still no rocks and I was ready to roll.

Northumberland Coastal Run

Some club members will have heard me drone on about this particular run for a while now. It's a great run, it's always sunny, there are plenty of cafes after to get a nice cup of tea and a spot of lunch you might have heard me say. Well this year I entered my sixth and Mandy, Janet, Graham and Neill their first. My club mates seemed excited by the prospect of a nice sunny run on the beautiful beaches and coastal paths of Northumberland.