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Scottish Athletics Men's League report, Kilmarnock, 26th August 2018

Kilmarnock didn’t look that great when we arrived.  There’s a nice track next to the A77.  Some of us hadn’t been before and found that the temporary seating offered very little protection from the very visible and palpable elements.  It was the last match of the Scottish Athletics Men’s League season and Corstorphine AAC took 15 athletes, 3 officials and a couple of supporters to battle it out with the elements and other athletes.


Northumberland Coastal Run

The Northumberland Coastal Run. It’s a run I do every year and rave (or should that be drone on?) about at the club. It’s brilliant, it’s challenging and it’s during the summer so the weather is always sunny. Well nearly always..... This year the summer has been like the one of 1976. Now I realise you have to be a certain age to remember what that summer was like, but suffice to say it was dry, it was sunny and it was hot. Much like this year. Well that was until Friday.   ....

Tour of Fife - Day Four

Saturday is Park Run day. So doing a nice fast 5K seemed to be a fitting race to the Tour organisers. So after our fast mile yesterday evening we didn't have that long to recover for the 2pm start. Still it was only 5K and we had only done a mile the day before. How hard could it be? This was the question we pondered as the now somewhat depleted CAAC contingent met in the car park. Jilly was still feeling enthusiastic she said. Looking forward to it, although she was worried her legs would be less willing than her spirit!