National XC - Falkirk

The National championships are at Callendar Park, Falkirk on Saturday, 24th February. If you would like to run then please speak to your coach or leave a reply here. We need names by Thursday, 8th February. Thanks.

Masters XC at Kilmarnock on 3rd Feb

I know that Coach Dave is on the case but if you have not been at training and want to run (and are 40 or over on 3rd February) then leave a reply here and I'll include you in the entries. Names are needed by Thursday, 18th January. Thanks!



East League XC Broxburn - Helpers Required

As one of the biggest participating clubs, we have been asked once again to co-host the final district league xc meeting at Broxburn on Saturday, 20th January. This means that we are required to provide enough people for course setup and marshalling to allow the event to take place.
From previous experience, we should aim to have four people to help with course setup in the morning and then as many marshals as possible for the afternoon. Last year we only had four marshals - we ideally need a few more.

Signup: down N UP, Saturday 23 December 9:00AM 2017

"When is it?"

Saturday 23 December 2017 at 9:00AM for a 9:15AM START

"Where is it?"

Meet at the car park at the top of Kaimes Road by 9AM for registration, It will be manned from 8:45AM at latest

"What is it?"

The Down N UP is the event all of your training for the whole year has been focused on. 10Ks ..pah! 800m .. no chance! Marathon, are you having a laugh. This event is the pinnacle of athletic excellence. If you haven't competed before, here is your chance to get the your athletic palmares completed. Think getting that last sticker for your 1990 World Cup Panini album, only this will trump it by a mile!

"So seriously - what is it?

Simples. You run downhill for approximately 900m as fast as you can, you then get a wee breather have a chat with your competitors then you run back up even faster. There are prizes for both legs, the whole thing and many more. This is a fun and social event.

"OK you got me, how much is it?"

Are you a club member? Yes? Well then you have won a bloomin' watch, it is free! If not £1 which goes towards the mega prize haul.

"I still have no idea what this is all about, but I am intrigued what else is in it for me?"

OK, OK i need to give you the really hard sell. After we have ran down then up the (I suggest you wear off road shoes, but road shoes will be fine) course we will be heading back to 2e Caroline Terrace where there will be tea, coffee and a wee snack laid on for all. Plus of course the prizegiving.

Its great.

You should come. 

Anything else?

  1. You need to be at least 1 years old to take part. 
  2. You need to let me know you will be there by clicking SignUp below or by emailing me chris@caac.org.uk or by saying to me in person or indeed Mr Moray Anderson who is much better at turning up at training than me!
  3. Theme for this year? Masks! We are having our very own masquerade - bests masks definitely win a prize if not all the prizes.