The 2017 edition of the MTR will take place on Saturday 9th September, and with just less than 5 weeks to go, this is a request for volunteers.

As with previous CAAC events, it is hoped that as many of our members as possible will actually run the race, but the positions noted below are the minimum required for the race to proceed safely, so I would ask you to consider adding your name to the list.

Elgin AAC Event

Elgin AAC are hosting an event on 9th September. The day is handicapped 100m, 800m, LJ and hammer/Discus with the winner of each event winning a trophy and half the entry pot. More people come more winnings to be had. It's for U17+, male and female combined handicapped. £10 entry for each event (£5 goes into the prize pot). Here's the link to the website:

Allermuir Gallop Thursday 6 July @ 19:00

For those unaware (& looking for a change to your Thursday night run...) this year’s Allermuir Gallop will take place on Thursday 6 July starting at 19:00. The race is approximately 2.5 miles with 1000 ft of climb. Last year the Tranent Tornado Murray Strain was the first runner to break twenty minutes over the course finishing ahead of a quality field. Golden Trotter Megan Mowbray kept the honours in the Trotters with a great run to finish first in the Ladies race.

Portobello Beach Race 2017

The Portobello Beach Race Will Take Place On Sunday, June  11th, 2017 at 10:00 am. Entries are now open at Entry Central