So what is The CAAC Paps?

It is a series of races pieced together annually to encourage people to take to the streets, trails, hills and beyond. All the events require some modicum of navigation but all of a level that both beginners and expert navigators will appreciate. The series whilst competitive is most definitely low key and hopefully fun!

As an example the inaugural year of 2011, included one point to point race where at each checkpoint each runner was required to note down the answer to a question which could be found only at the checkpoint. The second race was more hilly and seen a relatively well marked route followed over some rough terrain in the lowland Pentlands. The series itself proved to be successful with the membership and over the course of the series Alex Cumming proved himself to be a worthy winner. Both events were followed by a bit of a social in a nearby venue.

In 2012 the series has been expanded to 6 events of which you must complete 4 to &;complete&; the series. The finale of the series each year is the CAAC Down&;N&;Up, an already well established pre-Christmas bookend to the year.

The CAAC PAPs series is open to athletes aged 11 and up, all athletes under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

All entrants must adhere to any rules of specific events and declare they are responsible for themselves and no liability lies with myself or the club.

2012 Race details & Results
RACE 1 - Tig [ Sat 25/02/2012 9am ] [ Results ]
RACE 2 - Back To Basics [Sun 06/05/2012 9am of Kaimes Road]
RACE 3 - Juria Jaunt [ Fri 06/07/2012 7pm Park ]
RACE 4 - MaHu Mosey [ Fri 31/08/2012 18:30 of Stanedykehead Road ]
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RACE 5 - The 12x12x12 [ Wed 12/12/2012 18:30 Hermand Crescent, EH11 1QP ]
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RACE 6 - CAAC Down&;N&;Up [ Sat 22/12/2012 09:15 of Kaimes Road ] [ Results (Type 2012 in Season) ]
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2011 Race details & Results
RACE 1 - Come in North Merchiston [ Results ]
RACE 2 - Fletch Lives [ Results ]
RACE 3 - CAAC Down&;N&;Up [ Results (Type 2011 in Season) ]