Grangemouth graphs

Ok, too much time on hands today. Slammed the Grangemouth 10k data into Excel, chip time distribution for men and women attached. An odd peak in the womens data at 40mins. Mens pretty normal.

Average male time: 50:25, female 57:03
Runners: 293 female, 439 male

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Grangemouth graphs

Nice, got to love a bit of stats.
No regression or normality testing performed to see how closely they it fits a Gaussian function? I&;d guess that a log-normal distribution might be a better fit as there is sure to be a upper bound to how fast some one can run, while less so for how slow. Time to go crack out &;R&; and get super geeky. :-)

I wonder if it&;s possible to get hold of something like the London Marathon results. Would be interesting to see what the distribution is for them. And say compare them to the good for age time bands to see what proportion of runner are in actually in each.
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Fantastic display from CAAC -

Fantastic display from CAAC - results:

M 6 00:32:12 6 00:32:11 5 SM
MICKEY BREEN M 8 00:32:35 8 00:32:34 7 SM
ROSS MILNE M 10 00:32:47 10 00:32:45 8 SM
MORAY ANDERSON M 11 00:32:50 11 00:32:48 1 V35
DERMOT CUMMINS M 12 00:33:08 12 00:33:07 9 SM
TOM FERRINGTON M 21 00:34:18 21 00:34:16 2 V35
MICHAEL ANDERSON M 41 00:36:02 40 00:36:00 5 V40
SCOTT WILLIAMSON M 98 00:39:51 98 00:39:35 50 SM
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Grangemouth graphs

Check this site for running stats -

oesn&;t do graphs (that I&;ve found yet) but has some more obscure things like the fastest time by place ever in a marathon (and other disctances), number of marathons around the world in year, longest running races etc etc